Chris (Simpson’s Art)- Cartoon, Comic, or MEME?










Chris (Simpson’s Art) …(His surname is unknown) created these intersting and sometimes contreversial pieces of art that I would call a comic (others may refer to them as cartoons or memes). I would like to make the argument that though these images lack panels, speech bubbles, and the typography differ from what is the typical comic strip, those changes could easily be implemented and these would become comics (one-panel). Therefore, I am making the argument that the content of a comic is more important the appearance of the comic. If the comic is speaking to a political or social issue but the appearance is simply child-like, what stops the readers from getting the main point, that (as in the example above) The artist is trying to portray president-electr Trump as childlike, ignorant, racist and basically an idiot.

Overall, comics can come in different forms and the genre of graphic novels is expanding into different forms of art and portrayal. Some comics may be meaningful, some may not be meaningful, but in the end it is about the content of a comic that matters.

Here are a few comics that seem irrelevant to anything but still made me laugh. Laughter is important to the making of comics too!

(These are four separate “one-panel comics” (or cartoons, however you want to look at them!) Not a random comic strip.

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