ever heard of a Tomic?

I hadn’t either until a friend shared one on Facebook. It was like stumbling upon an oasis in the midst of a virtual desert. After hours of wandering the aridity of my Facebook newsfeed, this tantalizing comic strip quenched my thirst for meaningful and humorous internet content. An evasive treasure that all social media users hope to unearth in their quest for internet gold. It was a comic strip that illustrated Jesus making a pun about Pentecost to his disciples. After reading it, I felt refreshed like I had taken a big gulp of water. Fully rehydrated, I began to dig deeper to find the source of this wellspring. This spring just so happened to be a Facebook page called “Tomics” that was created by a man named Tom Gould in 2015. It is home to his Catholic comic strips that are called “Tomics” (because their author’s first name is Tom). He began to create these comics to share the Catholic faith and its teachings with others in an enjoyable and ‘digestable’ way. His comics are special because each one teaches something important from either scripture or Catholic doctrine and then frames the message in a way that is understandable to the reader and also makes them smile. One of my favorite internet finds has been Tomics because I love being Catholic. I really love Tomics because they share our faith in a way that makes people want to know about it. They’re appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds and don’t take much time to read! Although I am not sure that I could make the case that Tomics are as crucial as the Catechism, Summa, or any writing from the Early Church fathers like St. Augustine or St. Polycarp, I think I could make a strong defense that they lead anyone who reads them to see the beauty of our faith or at least question more about it.

Tomics Facebook Page


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