Graphic Novels at UMW

If you have been in the library or HCC within the last month, you might have noticed there are a plethora of graphic novels on display in both buildings. There was a large amount of graphic novels about two weeks ago in the front of the library, which caught my attention. I was not sure if they have always been there or if it was a new addition, so I inquired about the graphic novels to the librarians. The librarian that I asked was thrilled that I had noticed the books and explained that they have had them for a few years, but are currently working towards growing the collection. Many of the books they had were either assigned by teachers or requested by students. If the library doesn’t have a graphic novel or book that you would like to read, you can request the book and they will order it for you. There are a few ways you can request a book at the library. You can submit a form either in the library or online; or simply tell the librarian what book you want. The librarian also mentioned that you can get a free library card at the local public library if you are a UMW student. This is a great amenity if you like to read for pleasure or want to save money on books. The graphic novels in the library are displayed in the popular reading section on the first floor, as well as located in a shelved section on the second floor. In addition, there are  some graphic novels on the first floor of the HCC. Now that you know where to get graphic novels, get to reading UMW!

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