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The best thing to describe Binghamton, NY.

There is a place called Binghamton in New York? Where is that? Well, it is the birth place of the B.C. comic author John Hart and it is where I grew up. For most of my life, I can remember the characters from the comic all over town.

An example of the statues that are modeled after B.C. comics.

Today, you can find and drive by 100 statues of the dinosaur and cave man characters that are placed around Binghamton that were influenced by his B.C. comic strips.

The main character. Adapted from: www.johnhartstudios.com

Now a little about the comic creator and his family. Johnny Hart ran the B.C. comic up until his death on April 17, 2007 . According to the JohnHartStudios website, his grandson, Mason Mastroianni is now the head writer of the comic. The rest of his family, including his wife, also partakes in the making of the B.C. comic along with his other comic Wizard of Id.

There are many themes in this comic. They rang from irony, to politics, and the obvious one, nature. The next few comics will be an example of each them:

1. The first one, irony. There are many times throughout the history of these particular comic strips where you will literally say to yourself “that was ironic”. I think that is part of what makes it so funny.

Comic from May 30, 2016. Adapted from: www.johnhartstudios.com


2. The second theme found is politics. Lately, politics has been hard to escape. Even in the comic world. But at least when we read a comic we get more joy out of it than we would from hearing about it in the news. Plus, it makes fun of politics so that is also a nice change.

Comic from November 11, 2015. Adapted from: www.johnhartstudios.com


3. The last, and most obvious theme, nature. Throughout this comic you will find many comic strips where nature is the main theme. For obvious reasons, like the fact that they are cave men. The most recent comic that was put on the website has to be one of the most relatable comics I have seen in a while.


Comic from September 13,2017. Adapted from: www.johnhartstudios.com


Comic From: November 25,2015. Adapted from: www.johnhartstudios.com

This is one of my favorite comics. This comic cracks me up every time I read it. Something you will see throughout these comic strips is that the colors used are very earthy and dull. There is never an neon or really bright color. Also, the way in which the comics are drawn are very fitting. If you pictured a caveman, this would probably be an accurate drawing of one. I find this particular comic funny because sometimes we just want to get away from everything, and in this turkeys situation, the turkey has a twisted way he wants to try and get out of it.

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