Netflix and Anime? A Review of the Netflix Original Series The Seven Deadly Sins

Anime, it seems now, is becoming more and more a part of main stream media in American society today. With this new uprising it seems companies are trying to capitalize on this former niche market created from the graphic novels originating in Japan. One big one that we all use today is Netflix with it’s creation of its brand of Netflix Original Series. I will be reviewing a show I found so that those looking to get into these types shows may have a better inside on the content they provide.


This show is great for those who enjoy a comical style of humor with themes from fantasy thrown in as well. It focuses on Elizabeth, a princess in a kingdom that is being overthrown due to a coup d’etat, and Meliodus, a powerful magic knight who is also the captain of a elite squad called the Seven Deadly Sins. Together they travel across Britania to find the other sins in order to save the kingdom from the corruption of the Holy Knights. I quite enjoyed this show due to the fact that it gives you a wonderful story line with some pretty serious themes, while also being able to provide tons of comical relief as well. The animation style is very clean and voice acting is strong in both the Japanese and English dubbed versions. I would recommend this to those who may be new to anime because they style of animation is more like the kind of cartoons that we are used to in America. It also allows the viewer to choose between English and Japanese voice acting which from personal experience is always a reason why people decide to not watch these shows. The fight scenes are very well animated as well and provide a great visual for the watcher. Another reason I would recommend this show to newcomers is because it was created by the company Shounen; one of the most popular companies that creates anime. Shounen is also responsible for creating shows such as Dragonball Z, Gundam, Bleach, and One Punch Man as well.

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