Sports Graphic Novels; the subject we haven’t visited yet

Sports Illustrated Kids produces  a comic every month. These comics are related to all sports and reach out to the younger generation and their vast array of sports interests. I chose this subject because I am very passionate about sports and we did not cover any graphic novels that were ultimately about sports outside of briefly mentioning them. I have not known of many sports graphic novels prior, so it intrigued me.

I purchased Quarterback Rush on Kindle, being one of the more recent graphic novels from Sports Illustrated Kids.  This graphic novel was published in December of 2015. All of Sports Illustrated kids magazines are of the usual same length, that being 72 pages, like Quarterback Rush. The Sports Illustrated Kids graphic novels are all very informative, where as they try and teach their readership life lessons. Quarterback Rush focuses on the importance of teamwork and communication. It discusses issues between the players and how they can solve them, which can be in turn very influential on the lives of the youth. Though this subject is different, especially since it is for a younger audience, I do enjoy the fact it has so much meaning behind it.

Readings like Sports Illustrated Kids have so many undertones and meanings behind them. They are able to assist the younger generation in sports and also promote the idea of them getting physically active. Like I mentioned earlier, it helps with a number of problem solving situations, such as the one faced in Quarterback Rush. With that being the case, it is very influential on the youth notably with offering problem solving tactics along with the encouragement of getting physically active. This comic stood out to me for those reasons exactly, as they offer so much for the community and the youth, where as other graphic novels and comics may not be as powerful. unknown

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