Was Batman Vs Superman actually worse than the Dark Knight Trilogy?

   The answer to that is absolutely and without question. For those who are familiar with these movies will know that the dark knight trilogy has had more ratings and more attraction than Batman vs Superman.  Like most people in this class this is my first time being introduced to the world of comics in such a thorough and descriptive manner. While this is not my first time being in contact with comics, it is definitely the most interesting one. I had followed a little bit of comics due to my interest on the show on the cw called the flash. He also happens to be one of my favorite superheroes. As i watched the show, i started diving into the actual comics in search of information on certain characters. This was done mainly through web search. This is why i took this class; to know more about comics and why they are so fascinating. So, the dark knight, being my favorite superhero movie trilogy, was a natural choice for my blog.


    One of the reasons why the dark knight trilogy is far superior, is its undeniable foundation in the original comics. For example in the The Dark Knight Rises we see that Batman has been out of commission for almost decade and is reflected also in the comics. Batman then makes a comeback due to Bane`s imminent rise to power on the city. Batman was not the same as we come to see, he was fatigued, out of shape mentally and physically. This epic battle that happens in the movie is not only with Bane but with himself. As we see in the comics, he is rendered helpless against Bane. In the comic Batman is actually said to be suffering from Epstein-Barr syndrome which is the reason for his fatigue.

  Batman vs Superman, while being a great name for a movie was a total bust due to the lack of excitement in the plot and lack follow up with the previous things we know about Batman. In this movie Batman is upset with Superman because he took out one his buildings. This then turns into a rather unlikely portrayal of Batman.

But anyways back to the lack of comic book foundation. In this movie the idea of Lex luthor building a killing monster is not found anywhere in comics. Also we see that Lex Luthor is just a malfunctioning android. The abrupt appearance of miss Diana Prince, AKA wonder woman, almost saves the movie itself. The plot was predictable up until Superman`s death.

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