The Power of Comics

“…comic strips can have the power of enlightening and transforming the society.” (Muthukumaravel and Mathew 51). Comics, depending on the structure, could be easily classified as art, literature, a form of intervention, or any combination of the three. Here could be classified as art. Through The Woods could be classified as literature. Some comics, such as “Social […]

Rorschach’s Psychopathology

Chapter six of “Watchmen” contained many psychological themes, mostly due to Rorschach’s identity aligning with the Rorschach test. To a psychology major this chapter was especially interesting. In clinical psychology the use of Rorschach tests are noted as being extremely unreliable and have no empirical evidence (research) to back up the usefulness of these tests. […]

When Your Mom Pledges You To The Wytches

In the comic “Wytches,” by Scott Snyder, the main character Sailor is “pledged” to the wytches so that her mother can live without the witches bringing her continual misfortune. Sailor’s mother is the one that in fact pledges her so that she can continue on with her husband and have another child without worrying about the […]

Comfort in a Harsh World

The City, by Frans Masereel, is composed of many different woodcuts in succession, which manages to create a visual story that is largely up to individual interpretation. The story is largely open to interpretation, because it has no words to guide the readers thoughts; the images then become the most powerful indicators of theme. One particular […]