Historic Preservation and Fun Home Part Two

This post elaborates on some of aspects of historic preservation that I talked about in Historic Preservation and Fun Home Part One, which you can read here. Documentation is integral to historic preservation. There are several reasons why a building/site might be documented, but most documentation is done because of Section 106 of the National […]

Historic Preservation and Fun Home Part One

Alison Bechdel’s father, Bruce, is characterized in Fun Home by his passion for historic preservation and obsessive desire to restore their historic home to its original glory. As a historic preservation major, I thought it might be nice to provide some basic background information about the subject. Standards for historic preservation are set by the […]

The Satirical Ads of Bitch Planet

Bitch Planet is a comic created by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro that follows the lives of female prisoners in a futuristic dystopia of sexism and oppression taken to the extreme. The ads within it parody 1950’s style, satirizing modern day sexism and reflecting the values and norms of the Bitch Planet universe […]

Strong Female Protagonist and the Morality of Superheroes

Some spoilers at the end of this post Superhero comics are the classic comic genre, and everyone knows the tropes. Strong Female Protagonist is a webcomic that examines these tropes and subverts them. It’s inclusive and socially conscious. It also features two of my favorite LGBTQ characters in comics, Tara/Feral and Lisa/Paladin. SFP delves into […]