Black Panther is Overrated (and here’s why) – Part 02

Continuing the same sentiment as the previous article, I’d like to reiterated the same sentiments I had.  I don’t think Black Panther is a bad film, but I simply don’t see it as deserving the overwhelming amount of praise that it has received for many reasons.  In particular, the film isn’t that well thought-out.  A […]

Black Panther is Overrated (and here’s why) – Part 01

Before I begin, I think it’s worth acknowledging that disliking Black Panther (2018) lends me to a very unpopular opinion.  Black Panther (2018) currently stands as Rotten Tomatoes’ best reviewed of all time, which makes any dissenting views quite the minority.  That all being said, I stand by my opinion that Black Panther (2018) while […]

Invisible Eyes: The Art of Darkest Dungeon

When Darkest Dungeon was in it earliest development, it was going to be tile-based where the player would be looking at the the characters’ heads from the top down.  Fortunately, they opted for a more personal vantage point.  The horrors that the characters encounter on their delve into the depths of the titular dungeon would […]

Prequel Adventure: Failure is Compelling

I hate traveling north on I-95 during rush hour.  The constant stopping and plodding along makes my insides twist and turn.  I’m especially miffed when there’s an accident and drivers start being what’s commonly referred to as “nosy” where they slow down to take in every single little detail of the crash.  An appeal of […]