Strange Planet: Technical Talking

When we explain anything to any person, we usually use a lot of emotion and use a type of language that is easy and simple. Imagine when a parent is playing with their infant and hides behind their hands and repeatedly shows themselves saying, “Where’d I go? Here I am!”. Yet, instead of saying it […]

Spot the Villain. You Can’t, Can You?

**Contains spoilers for The Boys Graphic Novel and Amazon Original television show**   We’ve heard of the anti-hero trope before with examples like Rorschach from Watchmen and the characters discussed in this blog from tlanier, however, where is the line between anti-hero and villain? One of the main traits when defining an anti-hero is the […]

Forever Falling into Worlds of Color

“Black Science Volume 1: How to Fall Forever” by Rick Remender tells the story of Grant McKay and his misfit crew who have just finished building the pillar, a device that makes it possible to jump through different dimensions, only to find out that it’s been sabotaged. Grant, his crew, and two children are stuck […]

From Podcast to Comic: The struggle of translating an audio medium to print

Five years ago, one of the post popular actual play podcasts came into existence. The Adventure Zone is an podcast hosted on the Maximum Fun Network centered around the McElroy family playing dungeons and dragons. The DM (or dungeon master) is Griffin and the players are his brothers Justin and Travis and their father Clint. […]

Scoob and Shag: The Wildest Webcomic You Need to Read

The Internet is a place of many fanworks, with fans from around the world taking the established properties they love and paying tribute to them through fanart, fanfiction, and various other creations. Some of these fanworks take on a life of their own, transcending their tributary origins to become something original. One such fanwork is […]

The Overwhelming Power of…Squirrels?

Whether it’s the ability to alter the fabric of reality or the power to manipulate probability, there is no shortage of over-powered superheros in Marvel Comics. If you asked a comic fan who the most op character is, they would most likely name one of the following: Thor, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Scarlet Witch, Franklin Richards, […]

A LOOK AT: The Bounce

When browsing the internet about comics, most of the time it is dominated by comics published by Marvel or DC Comics. Rarely do you see independent comic companies get the spotlight for their publications and stories in mainstream media because of the massive popularity of characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Batman, and Superman, […]