Is “Invincible” the best animated comic book adaptation?

When it comes to comic book adaptation most people think of the MCU as the blueprint when it comes to creating a successful adaption simply because of the box office success they have had as well as the cult like following they have. This has caused so many other comic adaptations to try and go […]

Superman Is Not An Overpowered Boy Scout, He’s THE Overpowered Boy Scout.

What can be said about the Last Son of Krypton that hasn’t already been said? We all already know everything about him, his origins, his secret identity, his powers, his supporting cast, his personality, etc. But lets think all of that over again, because, while we all already know these things, I feel like there’s […]

Putting Anti-Fascism Back into Comics

Captain America punching Adolf Hitler on the cover of Captain America issue #1 from 1941.

There are many examples of Superheroes from the Golden Age of comics (Late 1930s to mid-1950s) that were created as direct opponents of fascism, and many villains represented, or literally considered fascists. Jack Kirby, the creator of Captain America and many other major characters in the Marvel Universe, is famous for his efforts to ward […]

Smallville’s Meteoric Rise: How Clark Kent Changed Superheroes in Television

On October 16, 2001, the formula of Superhero-based television would change forever. On this night, on a channel known at the time as The WB, Smallville would premiere, reintroducing people of all ages to Clark Kent. This show—an origin story to the Man of Steel—would last ten seasons and garner millions of fans. In those […]

The Boys: Improved From Page to Screen

The Boys

**Spoilers for The Boys comic series and Amazon television show** TW//gore and SA When it comes to superhero adaptations we’ve seen all sorts of examples. With the MCU being such a prominent force in entertainment people expect a certain amount of effort to adapt their favorite superhero storylines and when it comes to comic accuracy plenty of […]

Where is the line drawn?

TW: Sexual assault, violence As I was thinking about what I would write my blog about, a clear topic rose up in my mind. One of the most impactful moments I have had while reading a graphic novel was when I read the Killing Joke. This was one of the first graphic novels I read […]

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility – How Spiderman Has Changed Throughout His Lifetime *Spoilers Ahead*

Spiderman was first published in the 1960s. It was then that he started to become one of Marvel’s most popular superheroes. The audience could relate to the character because of his natural wit and his underdog mentality.

Dr. Manhattan: New Age Apollo?

When talking about Dr. Manhattan’s love life, it is evident that he has been very unlucky in lasting relationships. From Janey Slater to Laurie Juspeczyk, Jon Osterman (aka Dr. Manhattan) has been unable to keep his girlfriends by his side. Many factors contribute to his inability to connect, but the one I want to focus […]

The Overwhelming Power of…Squirrels?

Whether it’s the ability to alter the fabric of reality or the power to manipulate probability, there is no shortage of over-powered superheros in Marvel Comics. If you asked a comic fan who the most op character is, they would most likely name one of the following: Thor, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Scarlet Witch, Franklin Richards, […]