Heartstopper Webcomic to Netflix Series

Comics being adapted into film is not a new idea. The “first” comic to movie occurred around the ‘20s to ‘40s, depending on the definition of comic and superheroes. Another blogger, tjones, made a different analysis of webcomic on Netflix, focusing on the buying of Millarworld. In this essay, I am discussing the adaptation of […]

Whose Comic Is It Anyway?

Piracy has long been an issue in almost every segment of the creative media production industry from film to music to comics. Of course, in the twentieth century this really only extended to as many physical copies as one person could make and sell to people they knew. Since the dawn of the internet, however, […]

The Impact of Manga: When Promotional Comics Become the Backbone of Lore

This blog has previously touched on the basic definition and function of tie-in comics, which you can read here if you haven’t seen it yet. However, I wanted to share a specific instance where a tie-in comic not only expanded the lore of its universe, but evolved from just advertising the game it was created […]

A Mild Complaint About Web Comic Posts

Comics have always been a fun and interesting way to tell stories through words and illustrations in a unique pattern of panels and dialogue on a page or, sometimes, series of pages. Small, possibly even one panel prints in newspapers turned into weekly and monthly releases of graphic novels to the awaiting public. Now, the […]

Housepets! Make You A Better Person

Housepets! is a long-running webcomic written and illustrated by furry artist Rick Griffin. It explores the lives and relationships of anthropomorphic animals, primarily dogs and cats, living as pets in an American suburb. The comic began with a focus on humor and slice of life stories, but eventually incorporated supernatural elements and magic to create […]

The Middle Road Between Physical Comics and TV Shows

There have been numerous posts on this site discussing webcomics, specifically Webtoons and how comics have evolved in the digital age. I also wanted to address Webtoons, because before I found that site, I was not familiar with many comics and I didn’t read them either. It wasn’t that I looked down on them, I […]

Hey, question for the comments! Are we friends?

A picture of the main heroes of the webcomic Namesake

We can all agree that reading is a solidary thing. Like: you open the book, you read it to yourself, and then you put it down. Maybe you join a book club and you can talk about it, but that isn’t as normalized and has the stereotype of being old fashioned. Maybe there are reddit […]

So Many Options!

  With more and more people opting for digital comics they can read on the go, it’s no surprise that the platforms for webcomics have increased. Some of the popular ones include Tapas, Webtoon, and Lezhin, which are all South Korean based companies.  What’s the benefit? Since each of these platforms are available in app […]