This is a tentative, high-level schedule intended to convey the general time frame for each major work we’re studying this semester.

Week 1
M 8/26/2019 Introductions, Background and History  
W 8/28/2019
Töpffer, Rodolphe, “The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck”
F 8/30/2019 Winsor McCay and George Herriman, Selections  
Week 2
M 9/2/2019 LABOR DAY  
W 9/4/2019 Masereel, Frans. The City (Canvas) Webcomic Groups Assigned
F 9/6/2019 Masereel, Frans. The City (Canvas)  
Week 3
M 9/9/2019 Eisner, Will. A Contract with God  
W 9/11/2019 Eisner, Will. A Contract with God  
F 9/13/2019 Eisner, Will. A Contract with God  
Week 4
M 9/16/2019
McCloud, Scott. “Setting the Record Straight” (Canvas)
W 9/18/2019 McCloud, Scott. “Blood in the Gutter” (Canvas)  
F 9/20/2019
Groensteen, Thierry. “The Spatio-Topical System” (Canvas)
Week 5
M 9/23/2019
Donald Duck in “Vacation Time”‘ and “Narrative in Vacation Time” by Donald Ault
W 9/25/2019 Introducing Watchmen Disassembly Due
F 9/27/2019 Watchmen, Chapter I  
Week 6
M 9/30/2019 Watchmen, Chapters II, III, IV  
W 10/2/2019 Watchmen, Chapter V
Paneling Parallax: The Fearful Symmetry of William Blake and Alan Moore
F 10/4/2019 Watchmen, Chapter VI  
Week 7
M 10/7/2019 Watchmen, Chapters VII, VIII Comic Proposal Due
W 10/9/2019 Watchmen, Chapters IX, X  
F 10/11/2019 Watchmen, Chapters XI and XII  
Week 8
M 10/14/2019 FALL BREAK  
W 10/16/2019 HERE  
F 10/18/2019 HERE, Chris Ware on Here”  
Week 9
M 10/21/2019 HERE  
W 10/23/2019 Through the Woods Webcomic Publishing Begins
F 10/25/2019 Through the Woods  
Week 10
M 10/28/2019 Through the Woods  
W 10/30/2019 Fun Home  
F 11/1/2019 Fun Home  
Week 11
M 11/4/2019 Fun Home  
W 11/6/2019 Fun Home  
F 11/8/2019 Fun Home  
Week 12
M 11/11/2019 My Favorite Thing is Monsters Webcomic Publishing Ends
W 11/13/2019 My Favorite Thing is Monsters  
F 11/15/2019 My Favorite Thing is Monsters  
Week 13
M 11/18/2019 Webcomic Presentations  
W 11/20/2019 Squirrel Girl  
F 11/22/2019 Squirrel Girl  
Week 14
M 11/25/2019 Squirrel Girl  
W 11/27/2019 THANKSGIVING  
F 11/29/2019 THANKSGIVING  
Week 15
M 12/2/2019 The Best We Could Do Bibliography Due
W 12/4/2019 The Best We Could Do  
F 12/6/2019 The Best We Could Do