Approvals and Innocents

All comics appropriate for young readers would have been stamped with this seal prior to 2011.

In April, 1954, Frederick Wertham published his book called Seduction of the Innocent which changed the realm of comic books forever. Wertham was a respected psychiatrist who questioned the morality of comic books. According to Comic Alliance, “[Wertham] wrote several studies about the harms of racial segregation, to the point that his writings were used […]

Bitter Bouquet – Wertham’s Seduction of the Innocent

WARNING – Post contains concepts, images, and “outdated” ideas that may be disturbing.  Proceed with caution. Gardening consists largely in protecting plants from blight and weeds, and the same is true in attending to the growth of children.  If a plant fails to grow properly because attacked by a pest, only a poor gardener would […]

The secret life of Wonder Woman

I recently (yes recently- as in two weeks ago) FINALLY watched Wonder Woman! And I LOVED it. And although I can’t imagine anyone else fitting the role as perfectly as Gal Gadot, the Wonder Woman that was brought to the big screen is not the original Wonder Woman. Photo credit: The Wonder Woman created by […]