Cyanide and Happiness: The Beginning

Most people familiar with internet based comics and memes are sure to have at least heard of Cyanide and Happiness comics. However, it’s not common knowledge how this now 53 million dollar enterprise came to be. In short, it all started with three dudes drawing stick figures and jokes. Kris Wilson, Bob DenBleyker, and Dave […]

The Depravity of Internet Based Comics

If you look back at comic books at their origin, you’d notice quite a couple of common characteristics. They usually involved a superhero, or some sort of protagonist with superhuman abilities and that said protagonist would always come out on top…. after a thousand cliffhangers of course. Despite all of the comics of that time […]

What’s This Little Bubble For?

Now, I will admit: I don’t read comics that often. Back in my preteen years, sure, you could often see me with manga in my hands. Sometimes I’d read the Sunday Comics section of the newspaper, but outside of that? Never really got into comics. However, from what I have seen of comics here and […]