Urasawa: Shadow From the Window

Japanese comic writer and artist, Naoki Urasawa, is widely regarded as one of the most influential creators in Japanese comics alive today due to his various successful comics, prowess in visual storytelling, and stunning art. Pluto, his 2003 re-imagining of the iconic Osama Tezuka work, Mighty Atom (Astro Boy), displays his art at its finest. In […]

Hero or Villain?

While reading Watchmen, I thought that Rorschach was a really interesting character. Although, while reading some of the panels I couldn’t help but think, “What if it happened differently?” So, I decided to pick out my favorite panel and make a few changes to it. I actually only made one. In these panels Rorschach is […]

Bad Kat

While we read the Krazy Kat comics, I really enjoyed them. So, I figured I would take one of these comics and change some aspect of it. Here’s the strip I chose to work with, courtesy of Professor Whalen’s examples on Canvas: Krazy Kat is very responsible as far as the law is concerned. Despite […]

When Your Mom Pledges You To The Wytches

In the comic “Wytches,” by Scott Snyder, the main character Sailor is “pledged” to the wytches so that her mother can live without the witches bringing her continual misfortune. Sailor’s mother is the one that in fact pledges her so that she can continue on with her husband and have another child without worrying about the […]