Webtoon: Comics in The Digital Age

With technology advancing as quickly as it does, it’s hard for the world to keep up. Which begs the question: how do comics stay relevant in the digital age? In 2005 a corporation, named Naver Corporation, launched under the name of “Naver Webtoon” in Korea. As Webtoon began gaining traction in the late 2000s and […]

What makes a comic popular? A look into Webtoons

If you imagine explaining comic and graphic novel genres to an alien, it might look like something out of the Mean Girls lunch tour scene. Webcomics in particular are interesting to look at because they don’t require any capital investment before reading. The author creates the story in front of an audience who consumes the […]

Tales of the Unusual

Tales of the Unusual, by Seongdae Oh, is hosted on LINE Webtoon. It’s a collection of short stories, most of them are horror, about strange and unusual events. Unlike most webtoons, this doesn’t have an overarching plot that continues beyond the small snapshots. Each series is it’s own story, and as of yet, I haven’t […]

About “About Death”

I’ve never really been much for religion. I don’t have any problems with it– I just don’t really consider it a part of my life. That’s why I think I was so surprised at how the webcomic “About Death” by Sini Hyeono caught my interest. It didn’t make a huge impact on my life, or […]

Newman- a Modern Fantasy Comic

When people think of fantasy games such as D&D, people think medieval times and ages long past. They wouldn’t be wrong. Newman, one of the comics featured on LINE Webtoon, take the Dungeons and Dragon’s setting and takes it into the modern world. It focuses on Newman, a gnome, and Gwen, a Drow Elf, who […]

She Will Tip the Balance and Change the World Forever! Probably.

When one hears the phrase “magical girl,” glittery transformation sequences, picture-perfect friendships, pretty outfits, and cute animal companions spring to mind. The Line Webtoon comic Apricot Cookie(s)! by Louistrations parodies Japanese magical girl manga and anime tropes, shattering those crystalline figures of beauty and love-ly power forever as the story is created within the traditional […]