For Children, Clearly: A Dive Into The Not So Kid-Friendly Moments In The Pokémon Manga

   Pokémon, a vast world full of strange and wonderous creatures. Coming out in February 1996, Pokémon Red and Blue arrived on the Gameboy and exploded in popularity. Two serialized products spawned off these games. The Pokémon anime follow, Ash, Pikachu, & gang, and the Pokémon Manga, named Pokémon Adventures. While the Pokémon anime made […]

How A Lost Reference Became An Internet Community

Pokémon is a pretty simple game if you stay out of the competitive scene. Those who grew up with the games can find it pretty easy, since it’s very easily exploitable. Whether through patience or simply knowing the right techniques, many Pokémon players can find themselves bored while playing through an old classic.   One […]