The Sandman: From Page to Screen

Spoilers ahead for the DC comic and Netflix show Translating a comic from its pages to the screen is no easy feat. Especially when the comic being adapted comes from the complex mind of Neil Gaiman. Despite that difficulty, the countless people who worked on the Netflix series “The Sandman” were able to relay some […]


Nowadays comics are constantly being turned into television shows and films, and this business is growing more and more everyday. Two of the most famous comic developers that have had their work developed into film and television shows are Marvel and DC. However, there are also comics that are based off of previously created television […]

TV Shows Becoming Comics?

Don’t worry. You read that title correctly. Books are turned into movies. TV shows become movies. Poems become songs. “Vines” are turned into a book. ? We’ve all heard of comics being turned into TV shows such as Riverdale, The Flash, The Walking Dead, and so many more. However, some fans of different TV shows have taken it upon […]