This class aims to be an interactive experience, so your enthusiastic participation is an expectation and requirement. You are, in other words, receiving a grade for how well you contribute to the conversations and culture of this class. There are two primary ways to do this: in person and online.

In Person

In person, successful participation simply means that you are present in class, ready to discuss the material at hand. You’ve read the assigned homework, taken notes on it, and are ready to ask and answer questions about that work and what it adds to our understanding of comics and graphic novels. Since a minimum condition of this type of participation is physical, embodied presence, I will be taking attendance.

Beyond being physically present, you should be mentally engaged in the activities class. If you choose to use a laptop or tablet during class, please make sure that your use is constructive and that you’re not distracting others. Keep Discord open on your device so you can have quick access to it in class.


Online, participation means using Discord to discuss things between or even during class. Sometimes this will involve directed activities (e.g. “Draw something and share it”) but mostly your use will be informal.

It also means using the blog to respond to your peers’ blog entries (and, in turn, to respond to your peers’ responses.)

So to summarize:

  • Be present in class both physically and mentally.
  • Try and ask or answer at least one question every day
  • Interact with the people on Discord