The Art of Cartooning

Successful artists are given high praise for the art they create. Their attention to detail, the way they are able to make something on a canvas come alive. Cartooning is a style of art work that in the world is seen as easier to do because of its simpler design. “Cartoons” are often associated with children because they are the majority of who watches cartoons/targeted by cartoons. However, the art of mastering the making of a cartoon requires skill and detail, just as non-cartoon art does. Below I will list some tips I found the most crucial to the making of a cartoon/comic.

  1. Lines- Varying the size, length, and darkness of lines in a comic. These all factor into the detail of the drawing, how realistic it can become. Attention to small, thin lines can add facial expressions, movement, age, and emotion.
  2. Subject- Drawing something you care about is much more enjoyable, and will turn out better/more authentic because of the details involved. If the artist tries to draw something that they have no interest or past with then their interpretation of it will be worse. So draw what you are passionate about!
  3. Color- Color not only brings a page or drawing to life, but there are so many emotions tied to each color. An example of this is with the color red, it is associated with passion, anger, sex, love. So, when an artist pays attention to the color used they can enhance their drawing(s) in more ways than one.
  4. Overlapping- Layering pieces of the drawing (example: the subject vs the background elements) adds dimension to the drawing. It takes something from being 2D to being 3D. This is important because comics/cartoons are based of our world, which is three dimensional, so the art representing our world also needs to seem three dimensional.

Now these are some of the ones I found most interesting/important, but check out these links if you want to learn more about what helps create a great cartoon/comic!


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