The Impact of the Graphic Novel on a Trauma Narrative

The cover of the graphic novel Stuck Rubber Baby

The graphic novel, Stuck Rubber Baby by Howard Cruse, tells the story of Toland Polk, as we, the reader, follow him throughout his life as he comes to terms with his sexuality, grapples with religion, and struggles with voicing his discomfort around racism and homophobia.. I think the medium of a graphic novel adds an […]

Reading Comics on Kindle, Better Than the Physical Copy?

Many comics and manga are now available in electronic versions. These electronic versions can be bought through Kindle and are readily available whenever a customer wants to purchase them. As a result of Covid-19 I have been buying all my comics and novels through Kindle, to avoid waiting for packages to be delivered and going […]

The Middle Road Between Physical Comics and TV Shows

There have been numerous posts on this site discussing webcomics, specifically Webtoons and how comics have evolved in the digital age. I also wanted to address Webtoons, because before I found that site, I was not familiar with many comics and I didn’t read them either. It wasn’t that I looked down on them, I […]

The Male Gaze: The Sexualization of Women in Comics

As one may notice when reading, or even looking at, comics and graphic novels, women are portrayed in a certain way, often being hyper-sexualized and unrealistic. “The Male Gaze” is a feminist theory created by Laura Mulvey in her essay “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema.” This concept discusses the act of depicting women in visual […]

Approvals and Innocents

All comics appropriate for young readers would have been stamped with this seal prior to 2011.

In April, 1954, Frederick Wertham published his book called Seduction of the Innocent which changed the realm of comic books forever. Wertham was a respected psychiatrist who questioned the morality of comic books. According to Comic Alliance, “[Wertham] wrote several studies about the harms of racial segregation, to the point that his writings were used […]

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Expanding Real-Life Lore

In 2019, Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios opened their newest themed land: Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The park took place on the new planet Batuu, and is considered canon in the current Star Wars stories it’s been referenced in at least one movie (Solo), and part of one of the new Thrawn books. […]

Overlapping Time and the Nature of Humanity

Previously on the blog mwinters wrote a post about the use of dialogue in Richard McGuire’s graphic novel Here which you can read here. In this post they discuss the sparse use of dialogue in the book and how the dialogue that is used helps link together the panels. In this post I will be […]