Paper Girls: The Reference Database

Introduction: The Artist’s Statement One of the most heralded traits of Brian Vaughan’s graphic novel Paper Girls is its dedication to immersing its characters and its readers in the setting of the story: the early morning hours of November 1, 1988. The comic’s pages are flooded with references to the time period from the political […]

Babymouse: Exploring Mental Disorders in children’s comics

Babymouse has always been a favorite childhood comic of mine. I first started reading it in the fifth grade when I came across it in my school’s library. The story follows a sassy little mouse girl named Babymouse, whom of which gets stuck in her daydreams, which ends up getting herself in trouble at school. […]

Manga Madness

Many people in the US are familiar with comic books and graphic novels, books or pieces of literature told with a sequence of illustrations that tell a story. As stated in our class, graphic novels and comics are different from just the regular picture book as picture books encourage readers to interpret scenes based on […]

The Issue of Too Many Issues

By Hollis Cobb Graphic Novels and Comic Books have developed longstanding traditions of extended, multi-volume series that stand in stark contrast to their novel counterparts. Though there are numerous examples of novel series spanning 4-8 books (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc.) with some series passing the ten-book mark (Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events for […]

Overlapping Time and the Nature of Humanity

Previously on the blog mwinters wrote a post about the use of dialogue in Richard McGuire’s graphic novel Here which you can read here. In this post they discuss the sparse use of dialogue in the book and how the dialogue that is used helps link together the panels. In this post I will be […]

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: a Pop-Up Page Turner Graphic Novel

I grew up in a family who loves to read, and I was privileged that my aunt worked for Scholastic books in New York City as a copy editor. She sent me boxes full of books on a monthly basis that not only contained Scholastic but various books appropriate for all ages. Needless to say, […]