Instagram based comics

Since Instagram is a popular way to share images, it’s only natural that comics started to be posted there as well. I have found most of these comics (or cartoons) to be lifestyle based. They are easily relatable and are a quick read as you scroll down your feed.

For example, Sarah Andersen is a popular comic account with over 2 million followers. Her posts are mostly black and white and used to illustrate relatable interactions or themes that everyone experiences at one time or another.

earn that feline's attention

These relatable comics often have to do with the growing pains of becoming an adult. She finds

humor in her life as an introverted adult. She has recently published a book titled “Herding Cats: A

Sarah’s Scribbles Collection.”







Another example is Mari Andrew. Mari is primarily an illustrator but some of her pieces do almost follow comic format. While she does not use panels, there is a clear separation of between images. There is also a clear flow in which you read them. She illustrates what is going on in her life at the moment as well as common frustrations most of us run into.






And then there is the relatively new feature of uploading multiple images into a single post. Adam Ellis, a webcomic illustrator, expanded his work by adapting his comics to the new platform. You are able to swipe in between each panel and some even include animations.

(interact with it here) 

As you can see, Instagram comics thrive on being relatable, quick, and easy to follow. Here are some other examples that I enjoy:






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