Strange Planet: Technical Talking

When we explain anything to any person, we usually use a lot of emotion and use a type of language that is easy and simple. Imagine when a parent is playing with their infant and hides behind their hands and repeatedly shows themselves saying, “Where’d I go? Here I am!”. Yet, instead of saying it with so much emotion and simple language, we chose to use technical language with a monotone voice, such as, “Have I ceased to exist? Deception, I have not”. That is a common trope used in Nathan W. Pyle’s comic series, “Strange Planet”.


An alien playing peek-a-boo with a baby. Displaying technical communication here.

Nathan Pyle began creating his technical talking aliens in February 2019, and on November 19, 2019, Pyle released a novel called “Strange Planet” which followed the lives of blue, alien creatures who live on a planet very similar to planet Earth. According to, Pyle had stated, “One of the points of Strange Planet is that this is all (gestures in every direction) delightfully odd. It’s wonderful how much complexity we [humans] have created”. Pyle was inspired to create the series after, as stated by, “…. he and his wife were preparing to have guests over – and they began hiding their possessions to make their small New York City apartment appear as clean as possible. “I realized this would make an excellent comic. I drew this one based on the experience, and the series was born,””.


The alien couple hides their objects so the guests don’t think their home is dirty.

What is found most interesting about this comic series is the happiness the aliens receive from doing the simplest of activities. There is a use of listening and understanding in each one of his comics that they express to each other; how happy they become over trivial activities that others may take for granted. That and there doesn’t seem to be any gender in his comics which I believe work very well in this day and age. That way anyone can relate to these comics, no matter their gender.


Friends making the birthday alien blow out candles.

In 2019, “Strange Planet” won New York’s Times #1 best selling book and global media acclaim. Even today, “Strange Planet” is still popular on all forms of social media with @Nathanwpylestrangeplanet Instagram having over six million subscribers. It shows that simple comics with simple topics can continue to make readers happy and keep coming back for more.

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