Genre Inception

According to the Merriam-Webster, a comic is a group of cartoons in narrative sequence. This is a very broad term that leaves many interpretations up for discussion. Despite the ambiguous meaning over many years different authors have begun forming this category through different genres for different audiences. Manga, Graphic Novels, and Webcomics are all various art forms that showcase pictures that, do indeed, follow a sequence, telling a story.



However, choosing what type of comic to read or write is not enough. In order for the authors to connect with their audience, they must go further into even more genres. Genres such as adventure, comedy, science fiction, mystery, horror, non-fiction, etc. The list goes on and on, but this is what creates the community of comic readers and writers. Comics were not created for children alone, though they are made up of drawings, “cartoons”. In fact, the first known comic book, “The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck” which came from Europe in 1837, uses adult humor and scenarios. The idea that anyone can once again use a book that formed by both illustration along with narration is a welcoming idea. It allows for the audience to read a movie. In order to elaborate on the comic culture, authors have advanced and experimented further with things such as murder comics such as “The Black Monday Murders” or Romance like “Fruits Basket”.

Allowing such a broad term of comics to narrow further down into specifics such as finding a mystery manga or a graphic novel comedy, allows for more people, whether it be adults or children, to find a topic and art style that suits them. Once they find a genre they like they can easily find new material that continues to please them. This also allows for the authors and artists. They can now sell or showcase their work to a specific genre, where they will find an audience that is aware of what they want and continue to support them through their career.

Just like one may organize their clothes, shoes, or comic books, a genre can be organized as well. This organization creates a better opportunity to find what a person seeks. While a piece of art is not lost in a hole filled with other arts and can be more easily attained by someone who wants it if it is hung on the wall by other similar creations. A genre inside a genre may sound overwhelming, but to someone who knows their own interests, the organization is an option most would rather use then randomly choosing a book and hoping it is the “right” one.

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