The One Time I Was a SuperHero


Remember that one time in your childhood when you were inspired to be a superhero? Well for me it all started with the graphic novel series of Captain Underpants. Captain Underpants fixed all problems and had some of the coolest battles with some of the weirdest villains.


It all stated when I was about six years-old and my sister was reading Captain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking toilet. I remember my sister would read this book over and over again and sometimes she would read it to me. After indulging in the adventures of this round, babylike, superhero, I began to immerse myself in the Universe of Captain Underpants and run around my home wearing only my underwear and a red towel tied around my neck. From this weird and embarrassing beginning I continued to grow my relationship with Captain Underpants and read more and more of the books.

captunderpantstinkle-prv-4-983284 Captain Underpants is a series written by Dav Pilkey. In 1997 the first book in a 12 book series came out titled The Adventures of Captain Underpants. After that in 1999 is when The adventures of the Talking Toilet came out that I remember from my childhood. Since then Dav Pilkey has created Captain Underpants books dating up until 2016. There has also been movies created about these stories.

Captain Underpants Is a novel that is directed to young children to give them some fun and adventure while at the same time addressing problems of bullying and bad school lunch and other relatable things for elementary and middle school aged children. There is no website created specifically for the Captain Underpants series but, there is a site for the author Dav Pilkey.

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