Sports Graphic Novels; the subject we haven’t visited yet

Sports Illustrated Kids produces  a comic every month. These comics are related to all sports and reach out to the younger generation and their vast array of sports interests. I chose this subject because I am very passionate about sports and we did not cover any graphic novels that were ultimately about sports outside of briefly […]

Comic Book Price Inflation

Over the years, comic books have went up and down in popularity, and depending on what type of comic it is, usually the action packed, super hero comics are the most popular. Though the significance of the comic has changed, due to inflation, the price of comics has steadily gone up. In 1961, Marvel […]

The Power of Comics

“…comic strips can have the power of enlightening and transforming the society.” (Muthukumaravel and Mathew 51). Comics, depending on the structure, could be easily classified as art, literature, a form of intervention, or any combination of the three. Here could be classified as art. Through The Woods could be classified as literature. Some comics, such as “Social […]

Bizenghast: An Ode to the Gothic

    Bizenghast was one of the few manga that made me want to buy the art book Bizenghast: Falling into Fear. Keep in mind I wanted this when I was fourteen. It was probably one of the first art books I ever got. The entire presentation of Bizenghast is unique and wonderfully detailed. It […]

The Maze in Court of Owls

A descent into madness, it can be an incredibly entertaining and disturbing scene to witness depending on how you see it. It speaks to a deep down depraved part of our humanity buried and lying dormant. It can be easy to illustrate someone losing their grip, but difficult make the audience feel it. The perception […]


When we think of the Superhero, we think of the Adonis like figure, cloaked in a billowing cape, wearing nothing but spandex and a heroic smile. We see a mighty force willing to protect us from our enemies and uphold our American values. Of course heroes like that were from at least 60 years ago. […]

Lil’ Folks and the Evolution of Charlie Brown

For anyone who grew up reading the Funny Papers, or the Comic section, or whatever you call those two pages in the Sunday paper dedicated to comics, there is a group of kids that has become very familiar. They are the group called the Peanuts, including Linus, Lucy, Sally, Schroder, Peppermint Patty, and, of course, […]

There She Blows!: Moby-Dick, or the Comic Book

Ever since beginning my voyage on the Pequod (aka the first day of my senior seminar on Moby-Dick), I have seen sightings of the White Whale everywhere I turn. From following a “great white Chevy” to school one morning, to seeing a giant sperm whale painted on the wall of an elementary school on election […]