Cute Factor 101: Animals in Comics

When I was younger, something that always was fascinated me was animals. I loved them and even wanted to be a veterinarian at one point growing up. Animals, for whatever reason, give people something to smile about. Over the past few years I have noticed a trend in comics specifically related to animals. In many of these comics, the animals are depicted as having human characteristics. I think that the authors and illustrators of these comics do this so that people reading them can relate. It is often difficult for a human to relate to an animal, but in these drawings the author of the comics creates animals to have human like qualities.

Here is an example:

It is a little blurry; this is what the first panel says= “Uh oh here comes Dave.” “He’s a hugger.”

In the next panel, we see Dave, the octopus wrap his tentacles around his friends. I relate to this comic because I do the same thing to my friends. The only difference is that I don’t live underwater and I only have two arms.

Liz Climo, the author and illustrator of these comics of animals that have become so famous also is the illustrator for The Simpsons.  Climo was in school for the arts, got rejected from the school of Animation, ended up getting a job with The Simpsons, and has been doing it since! I really enjoyed this story of how sometimes the things that we try so hard to accomplish end up being the things we are not supposed to continue with, and something even better comes along! She has even written several books. One is titled, Lobster is the Best Medicine. A Collection of Comics About Friendship. There is also more of a series type of collections: Rory the Dinosaur; Me and My Dad, and Rory the Dinosaur Wants a Pet. Her collection of comics bring joy to children and adults everywhere and provide a breath of fresh air with the hilarity and realness of the captions and drawings.


Here is a link with a few other of Climo’s drawings:

Here is the link to Climo’s website:

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