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I’ve never really been much for religion. I don’t have any problems with it– I just don’t really consider it a part of my life. That’s why I think I was so surprised at how the webcomic “About Death” by Sini Hyeono caught my interest. It didn’t make a huge impact on my life, or press me into believing anything, and I didn’t agree with everything the comic portrayed, but it was an entirely unique look at the afterlife, and was, in my opinion, executed really beautifully.







From the very beginning of the comic, we are introduced to the character of “god” or “death.” He is given a number of names throughout the chapters, and interestingly replies to all of them. As the comic moves, he is the character that is consistently in every chapter–fitting, considering that it does take place in what he refers to as “nothing”– purgatory. That aside, he is clearly not the main character, only ever wanting to know about the stories of those who have passed as he meets them. Each chapter focuses on the stories and movement to the next life of individual strangers that have died. Occasionally some are related in some way, but mostly they are individual chapters. Occasionally there are “half episodes” which become a continuation from another chapter. Throughout the entire comic, which is a total of 22 chapters, we are given a variety of ideas about the afterlife and stories that accompany those who have died. 

One of the interesting aspects of this comic is the way the art is styled, as well as the music that accompanies it. The comic itself is mostly in black and white, though from time to time characters are brought back to life from the essential brink, or given another chance. At those moments, when they live again, or when we are provided glimpses into the world of the living, the panels are in full color. In addition, this comic is found on Line Webtoons, amongst other places, and has a soundtrack of the author’s choosing that plays in the background, which changes from chapter to chapter.

Even though there are certain elements I disagree with about the comic, there are certain moments that make the reader want to pay attention, and make them feel something. I read through the full series fairly quickly, as it reads that way. The emotion behind the work lingered longer for me, and I still recommend it to others pretty often. There are some really heartbreaking moments, and I found the style beautiful, and the color choices really striking. It’s important to remember that the topics it discusses can be harsh and difficult, but it really holds striking images and good storytelling that are worth reading.


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