Poor D.C. Why is Marvel better?







With the recent cluster of superhero movies, one can find themselves in an heroic heaven. While Justice League managed to make quite some noise for D.C it just seemed as if Marvel came back and hit twice as hard with two great movies not far from each other. First, Thor: Ragnarok, a movie about the god of thunder himself dealing with the foretold coming of the destruction of his home. This destruction is none other than his older sister. The movie takes a tragic turn when she manages to break his hammer which gives the audience a sense of urgency and raises up questions. Thor then undergoes an immense internal trial to regain confidence and learns in fact that he is not the god of hammers. This plays a vital part to the resolution of the movie. For the most part we see some slight differences in the comics. Thor and hulk manage to get along in Ragnarok while in the comics they are known for their adversary nature towards each other. Also Jane Foster, Thors lover is almost tossed to the side in Ragnarok while in the comics she continues to play a vital role in the advancement of Thors character.

Next we have the potential movie of the year; and its only february! Black Panther has shocked the nation with its outstanding display. The movie was amazing and captured almost everything you would want in a superhero. Hes bold, brave, strong and kind-hearted toward others. Marvel has outdone itself due to this and only gets better with Infinity wars not too far away.

4 thoughts on “Poor D.C. Why is Marvel better?

  1. The one thing DC has beat Marvel at is having a movie focused around a female super hero. I keep hearing about a Captain Marvel and a Black Widow movie but I am still waiting for Marvel to finally deliver. I want to know what happened in Budapest.

    1. I absolutely agree! I would most definitely go watch a black widow movie without any hesitation. I also do agree that D.C did do a better job with a female superhero. Wonder Woman was absolutely amazing

    2. They have the Jessica Jones series on Netflix. Not a full-length feature movie, but still part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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