Here or There? This or That? You choose!

Some of my favorite stories, apps on my phone, etc. are the ones where there are different scenes in which the story stops and you are able to choose what response a character gives in a situation. Then, the story goes in the direction that is controlled by what decisions you make.

One example is the app, “Episode,”┬áthere are hundreds of stories that you can read and ‘control.’ You can also write your own story! Let’s say you are reading one of the stories and the main character has to go to school. A message might pop up that says: “Should I… 1. Go to school or 2. Skip school!” You can pick either one, and see the consequences of your choices play out in front of you.

Source: Celeb Mix

These stories are more silly and sometimes strange, but there are so many others online!

However, not all of the interactive stories let you make different plot decisions. Some of them rely on you scrolling on your mouse and the story moves across your screen at your own pace!

If you will, you can call them online interactive graphic novels! As a person who loves creative writing, this is kind of a piece of heaven for me, and I want to create my own soon!

A few more examples for you:

  1. The Land of the Magic Flute

    Source: Forbidden Planet Blog
  2. The Boat

    Source: Matt Huynh
  3. The Hybrid

    Source: Vimeo
  4. Tell Me Your Secrets

    Source: Elearning Examples
  5. Along the Edge

    Source: Steam Community

Before posting this blog post, I have gone through (at least halfway) these stories/games/etc. and my favorite is “The Hybrid.” If you are a person who can’t sit still, these are a great way to stay engaged while also reading or watching a graphic novel!

Let me know if you know of any others!

2 thoughts on “Here or There? This or That? You choose!

  1. I was not aware there were this many options for games like this! These seem like a really fun time, and I want to explore the different outcomes I could get. This was very informative from a consumer standpoint!!

    1. Thanks for reading!! Yeah, they’re so fun to play around with! They are also really good at forcing you to procrastinate on all of your work! Hahaha!

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