Nowadays comics are constantly being turned into television shows and films, and this business is growing more and more everyday. Two of the most famous comic developers that have had their work developed into film and television shows are Marvel and DC. However, there are also comics that are based off of previously created television and cinematic works. These works are, in my opinion, less discussed than the comics that were produced on the screen. However, I believe they deserve more recognition because it takes a lot of commercial success for a show to be written One example of this which I enjoy myself is Rick and Morty.



The show has been copied and posted on other websites, but the site where the show originally is posted and produces new episodes is Adult Swim. The show has a lot of dark humor, and seems silly but deals with very serious issues. Some of these issues that the show discusses is alcoholism, depression, divorce, afterlife, and alternate dimensions. The popularity of the show stems from it’s comedy but also the way it legitimizes such dark parks of life that people often ignore.

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