Whose Comic Is It Anyway?

Piracy has long been an issue in almost every segment of the creative media production industry from film to music to comics. Of course, in the twentieth century this really only extended to as many physical copies as one person could make and sell to people they knew. Since the dawn of the internet, however, […]

A Mild Complaint About Web Comic Posts

Comics have always been a fun and interesting way to tell stories through words and illustrations in a unique pattern of panels and dialogue on a page or, sometimes, series of pages. Small, possibly even one panel prints in newspapers turned into weekly and monthly releases of graphic novels to the awaiting public. Now, the […]

Cyanide and Happiness: The Beginning

Most people familiar with internet based comics and memes are sure to have at least heard of Cyanide and Happiness comics. However, it’s not common knowledge how this now 53 million dollar enterprise came to be. In short, it all started with three dudes drawing stick figures and jokes. Kris Wilson, Bob DenBleyker, and Dave […]

Fanfiction and the Great Appeal

Why do so many people like fanfiction? It has been quite popular for some time, with emerging comics and other artistic works becoming the starting ideas of many new interesting story turn around’s. It is the past time of many who believe there are side stories that can always go along with the main cannon […]

Fish, Kites, and Drawing Pains

Recently in class, we have been discussing webcomics. While the comics I tend to read are manga, Marvel comics, or DC comics, I do read some online comics as well. One artist who I follow is a DeviantArt user named Yuumei. She tends to do a lot of artwork but she has written several comics […]

Mental Illness by the Mentally Ill: Webcomics Touching on the Serious Subjects

Comics from larger companies, like DC or Marvel, have worked to make progressions in their contents through some mental illnesses as well as sexuality and gender. However, there are comics that have been pushing those topics for years; webcomics. Webcomics made by individuals who want to share their own experiences or researched experiences that are […]

Never Fall For A Straight Boy: LGBTQ People in Webcomics

Spoiler Warning: Check Please!, Paranatural, and Ava’s Demon For nearly two decades, webcomics have become a rising force in the world of graphic novels and comics. Becoming more popular in the early 2000s, webcomics have become more and more common as the public focus shifts from physical copies of comics to digital ones. These webcomics […]