Welcome to Drawfee Where We Take Your Dumb Ideas And Make Even Dumber Drawings

Drawfee is one of my favorite YouTube channels that I have subscribed to. Every Drawfee episode basically has the same intro but tweaked in some different ways. The typical greeting is “Welcome to Drawfee where we take your dumb ideas and make even dumber drawings.” Drawfee is a comedic YouTube channel that draws out topics, […]

Bringing the Planets to Life: Using Graphic Novels in School

This semester, I am taking an education class that teaches how to incorporate the different arts into the classroom. Recently, we completed an example lesson where we had to create a dance based on the process of how a cloud is formed. This incorporation of art to teach about the clouds reminded me of an […]

Hitoshi Method: Writing What Isn’t There

Hitoshi Ashinano is an acclaimed comic writer and artist from Japan. He doesn’t have many works and none of them are exceptionally popular, but what he has produced has been well received by many readers. His most famous work, Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko (Yokohama Shopping Log) won the Seiun Award in 2007 for Best Manga, and even though […]

Frida Kahlo in a Comic

An artist’s muse can be anything from a song, a color, a person, to pretty much anything in the world. Gavin Aung Thang started a project of comics, Zen Pencils, that were inspired by famous quotes that he finds influential. I remember coming across the comic Strange Like Me and thinking that 10 year old me would […]