Welcome to Drawfee Where We Take Your Dumb Ideas And Make Even Dumber Drawings

Drawfee is one of my favorite YouTube channels that I have subscribed to. Every Drawfee episode basically has the same intro but tweaked in some different ways. The typical greeting is “Welcome to Drawfee where we take your dumb ideas and make even dumber drawings.” Drawfee is a comedic YouTube channel that draws out topics, […]

Junji Ito at the Intersection of Horror and Comedy

In 2008, horror manga artist and dog person Junji Ito was met with a curse more daunting than any he had ever inflicted upon his protagonists: owning cats. Two of them. First was Mu—a sweet Norwegian forest cat with big fur and a welcoming face—who was soon followed by his fiancée’s family cat, Yon: the “cursed” […]