The Great American (Graphic) Novel

The Great American Novel (GAN) is a term often used to describe breakthrough literary works that are thought to embody the essence of America. These are novels that are considered by many to be the best of the best! In some way, shape, or form these works deal with American’s national character throughout the ages, […]

Welcome to Drawfee Where We Take Your Dumb Ideas And Make Even Dumber Drawings

Drawfee is one of my favorite YouTube channels that I have subscribed to. Every Drawfee episode basically has the same intro but tweaked in some different ways. The typical greeting is “Welcome to Drawfee where we take your dumb ideas and make even dumber drawings.” Drawfee is a comedic YouTube channel that draws out topics, […]

Music’s Place in The World of Graphic Novels

               Music has been depicted in comics in various ways throughout history. From squiggled boxes containing lyrics to musical notes, comic artists tend to have a difficult time portraying music in a silent form of media. As a medium, music tends to be complicated. Without a way to describe […]

I Really Like This One

We’ve read some really amazing graphic novels in this class. A Contract with God made me think about expectations from life and the reality of human beings, Watchmen made me consider how time is always running out, how rules and order aren’t always right, and so much more, Fun Home visually showed me the complexity of human relationships and […]

My Favorite Thing Is Illustrations

As someone who desperately wishes they were a good artist, my favorite part of this class has been analyzing the illustrations of the graphic novels and comics. I think it’s truly astounding how talented all of the illustrators are, and I love seeing how each work is entirely different from the next. For example, Alison […]