A LOOK AT: The Bounce

When browsing the internet about comics, most of the time it is dominated by comics published by Marvel or DC Comics. Rarely do you see independent comic companies get the spotlight for their publications and stories in mainstream media because of the massive popularity of characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Batman, and Superman, […]

The Forgotten Wonder Woman

In recent years, comic books have enjoyed a return to the center of discussion in popular media thanks to the raging success of Marvel and DC movies. Having just barely missed the perfect age to grow up reading comics myself, I’ve taken a lot of interest in listening to the discussion of inter-textual relationships between […]

The American Comic Book and its Jewish origins

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that over the semester we’ve looked at comics and graphic novels in depth. Like…super in depth. I mean, what else can you do in a class like this? And while it’s been great to see some historical stuff (Oldbuck), read some pretty out there stuff (Das […]

Strong Female Protagonist and the Morality of Superheroes

Some spoilers at the end of this post Superhero comics are the classic comic genre, and everyone knows the tropes. Strong Female Protagonist is a webcomic that examines these tropes and subverts them. It’s inclusive and socially conscious. It also features two of my favorite LGBTQ characters in comics, Tara/Feral and Lisa/Paladin. SFP delves into […]