Written for the Male Gaze by the Male Gaze- Watchmen’s Misogyny

.  “Watchmen” by Alan Moore is said to be a revolutionary piece in comic history, and sure it may stray away from the classic, static superheros that came before but that remains true for only its male characters. So how revolutionary can it be? Let’s dive into Moore’s misogynist representation of women in the “Watchmen” […]

Reading Comics on Kindle, Better Than the Physical Copy?

Many comics and manga are now available in electronic versions. These electronic versions can be bought through Kindle and are readily available whenever a customer wants to purchase them. As a result of Covid-19 I have been buying all my comics and novels through Kindle, to avoid waiting for packages to be delivered and going […]

Dr. Manhattan: New Age Apollo?

When talking about Dr. Manhattan’s love life, it is evident that he has been very unlucky in lasting relationships. From Janey Slater to Laurie Juspeczyk, Jon Osterman (aka Dr. Manhattan) has been unable to keep his girlfriends by his side. Many factors contribute to his inability to connect, but the one I want to focus […]

Ozymandias, Griffith, and the Greater Good

Disclaimer: Due to the sheer length and depth of both of these works, I have had to skip over some details of plot and character development involving Ozymandias and Griffith. Also spoilers ahead for Watchmen and Berserk. One of the essential parts of any story is the antagonist, someone with bad intentions for the reader to root […]

My Favorite Thing Is Illustrations

As someone who desperately wishes they were a good artist, my favorite part of this class has been analyzing the illustrations of the graphic novels and comics. I think it’s truly astounding how talented all of the illustrators are, and I love seeing how each work is entirely different from the next. For example, Alison […]

Watchmen and Snyder’s Secretly Satirical Slo-Mo

I find Zack Snyder to be a fairly misunderstood director. Audiences often deride his films, calling them visually impressive, but thematically hollow. 300, Sucker Punch, and Watchmen are the three most prominent examples used in such an argument. Yet, I would argue that all of these films have a more subversive, satirical quality to them […]