For Children, Clearly: A Dive Into The Not So Kid-Friendly Moments In The Pokémon Manga

   Pokémon, a vast world full of strange and wonderous creatures. Coming out in February 1996, Pokémon Red and Blue arrived on the Gameboy and exploded in popularity. Two serialized products spawned off these games. The Pokémon anime follow, Ash, Pikachu, & gang, and the Pokémon Manga, named Pokémon Adventures. While the Pokémon anime made […]

Magical Girls: Superheroes But Much, Much Cuter

A Brief History The concept of Magical Girl or 魔法 少女 (majou shoujo) is a concept that originates in Japanese manga and animation as a female hero narrative aimed towards younger audiences. Dominique Giles made a different post about magical girls in 2016, but I decided to take more of a historical approach. There are […]

Videogames and Manga: Splatoon and Splatoon 2

In class today, we talked a little bit about graphic novels and how their stories can be represented and shared through multiple sources of media: TV shows, movies, literature, and even videogames. Many video games have been created from comics and graphic novels, a  notable example being any marvel comic turned into action packed games […]

Ozymandias, Griffith, and the Greater Good

Disclaimer: Due to the sheer length and depth of both of these works, I have had to skip over some details of plot and character development involving Ozymandias and Griffith. Also spoilers ahead for Watchmen and Berserk. One of the essential parts of any story is the antagonist, someone with bad intentions for the reader to root […]

Dr. Stone: This is the Power of Science!

Fantasy and science are often compared due to the radical concepts that can be employed for their respective genres. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where they’re indistinguishable from each other. Fantasy allows us to break the mold of reality and delve into new worlds without being halted by scientific impossibilities. While I prefer fantasy to […]

Anime Power Ups: Why My Hero Academia Breaks the Shonen Mold

In Shonen magna, power ups or transformations are a staple of the genre. In these stories the protagonist needs to overcome some enemy or force through his own power. Usually this is the result of training accompanied by breaking the limit of what was thought possible in a certain situation. The best and well known […]

She Will Tip the Balance and Change the World Forever! Probably.

When one hears the phrase “magical girl,” glittery transformation sequences, picture-perfect friendships, pretty outfits, and cute animal companions spring to mind. The Line Webtoon comic Apricot Cookie(s)! by Louistrations parodies Japanese magical girl manga and anime tropes, shattering those crystalline figures of beauty and love-ly power forever as the story is created within the traditional […]

But… think of the CHILDREN!! Comic Rating Systems 1950-Today

Some of you may be familiar with the MPAA, or Motion Picture Association of America. This is a large lobbying and regulatory group that represents the six largest studios in the US. This is also the agency that rates movies on a scale of G to NC-17. Originally, movies were rated based on state decisions. […]